Wanted: e-lovers!

New doc series from Cineflix Seeks couples who are clicking on-line
The new Cineflix documentary series e-love is looking for couples who have made a real connection on-line–and are now ready for their first meeting. e-love will bring them together for this meeting.

“We want to find people who have developed a strong romantic connection on-line,” explains series producer Cesca Eaton. “We’re looking for individuals who think they may be falling in love and are planning their first face-to-face meeting. As they meet for the first time, e-love

will be there to document this pivotal, possibly life-changing moment. How many people can show their children a video of the first time they met? e-love participants will be able to do just that!”

e-love gives couples who are communicating by e-mail the opportunity to meet in person. Participating couples will be able to enjoy a first date they’ll always remember–from a hot air balloon ride and champagne picnic to scuba-diving, surfing or rock-climbing, depending on the couple’s interests.

Each half-hour episode of the 13-part e-love series captures the anticipation leading up to the first meeting, the defining moment when e-lovers meet and find out whether they click in person, and the ensuing romance or fall-out. Unlike other dating shows, e-love features people who really want to connect. The individuals are already emotionally invested after an intense correspondence by e-mail.

If you’re getting to know someone on-line and planning your first meeting, let e-love bring you and your partner together. To participate in the series,
call 514-278-9027 or 450-449-8933 or
e-mail Chris@cinefilx.com

In Canada, e-love will air on WTN in 2002.

Cineflix Productions is a leading documentary production company. In addition to e-love, current Cineflix series include Dogs with Jobs, the popular series on working canines, and Birth Stories, an intimate and revealing look at pregnancy and birth.